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Central Africa: Community Forestry Can Work, but Plans in the Democratic Republic of Congo Show What's Missing
[The Conversation Africa] The Congo river basin spans six central African countries: Cameroon, the Central African...
[AllAfrica] 30/06/2020
Gabon senate votes in favour of pro-gay law
June 30: Senate votes to decriminalise homosexuality Gabon’s upper parliamentary chamber, the senate, has voted in...
[Africanews] 30/06/2020
Gabon divided over adoption of law decriminalising homosexuality
The Gabon National Assembly’s passing of a law decriminalising homosexuality is a triumph for those behind the...
[The Africa Report] 29/06/2020
Gabon: African Development Bank approves 100.5 million euros budget support for COVID-19
The loan will support the central African nation’s Budget Support Programme in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis or...
[East African Business Week] 27/06/2020

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