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Why Africa's forest elephants thrive in Gabon
The dense forests of sparsely populated Gabon in the Congo River Basin remain a “last stronghold” of the magnificent...
[Africanews] 18/11/2021
Gabon’s forests nourish the Sahel and Blue Nile. What happens if they vanish?
As oil dwindles, Gabon is looking for new sources of revenue. It wants to be paid for preserving its virgin rainforests...
[The Africa Report] 15/11/2021
WCQ 2022: Gabon overcome Libya despite national team divisions
The arrest on Wednesday of representatives of local players including former international Stephane Nguemawho were...
[Africanews] 12/11/2021
COP26: Gabon's efforts to save its forests
Gabon is the first African country to be rewarded for its efforts against deforestation at the COP26 climate conference...
[Africanews] 02/11/2021

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